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挑戰人類心跳的極限,南非鯊魚籠子潛水驚悚體驗 Shark Cage Diving in Gansbaai South Africa

南非的 Shark Cage Diving 是很有名的水域活動,網路上也有很多資料可參考,與其說是 Diving,我覺得比較像 Shark Hold Your Breath ,只要會蹲下跟憋氣就可以在籠子裡看鯊魚餵食秀店家會先在岸上講解一些注意事項,像是相機或是 GoPro 如果伸太出去他們會把你拎上來,還有他們不提供呼吸管因為他們會在船上大喊方向,希望你能起來換氣順便聽他們的指示。

Gansbaai is very popular for Shark cage diving. There are lots of information if you google.I’d rather say it’s more of Shark hold your breath than diving thoughYou dont really need to dive, just hold your breath and squatA safety brief would be provided like your camera or gopro are not allow to reach out the cage too far. Or they give direction of the shark so that you need to stand up for instruction.

南非鯊魚籠子潛水 Shark Cage Diving in Gansbaai South Africa

進行與大自然合作的行程,運氣跟人品真的很重要我們這天運氣滿好的,兩團人下水共看到8隻bronze whaler shark最大的到4米,最小2.5米但我們也算運氣不好,沒有看到大白鯊,因為我去之前有殺人鯨把大白鯊都吃掉嚇跑了南非的能見度不太好,下面是沙地,如果想看能見度好的可能要去澳洲或墨西哥。

Luck is very important when working with nature. We saw 8 bronze whaler shark from 2.5 meter to 4 meters.It’s a pity that I didn’t have a chance to see great white sharksBefore I arrive, the Killer whale kill them and scared them awayThe visibility is not good in Gansbaai due to the sand areaIt is said that the visibility is good in Australia or Mexico

南非鯊魚籠子潛水 Shark Cage Diving in Gansbaai South Africa


The cage is quite large to fit in 6 in a roleThere are also places to place arms and feetWithout weight, I cant barely dive myself underwater in 7mm wetsuitSo I posed myself like the picture below


The German couple next to my laughed at my pose and try to imitate meHowever guy’s feet was obviously longer then mine sharks kept on hitting the guy’s feetWhen first got in the water, I heard a lot of cold in variety languagesas the water temperature was only 16 degree CelsiusWhen sharks came, it became a lot of holly ****

南非鯊魚籠子潛水 Shark Cage Diving in Gansbaai South Africa


Highly recommended the place under the baitSO MUCH FUN I had to scream to express my excitement of a shark face to face experience and that super big fish head bait.

南非鯊魚籠子潛水 Shark Cage Diving in Gansbaai South Africa


Located in Gansbaai, a place about 2-3 hours drive from Cape Town.

R2150, including pick up, lunch and equipment.


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