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3 間開普敦潛店資訊分享 Cape Town Dive Shop

1. 開普敦潛店 : Into the blue 



Located at the downtown Cape Town. 

Planning a dive trip with them is recommended. 

船潛R650 / 岸潛R400 / 10 船潛套票R3250 (不含裝備、氣瓶、許可證)氣瓶 R160 / 夜潛(岸潛) R400 / 一次性單月潛水許可證R45Boat dive R650/ Shore dive R400/ 10 boat dives R3250 Tank R650/ Night dive R400

Shore Dives – a combination of reef, wreck, and kelp forest

Boat Dives – a combination of seals, reef, wreck and kelp forest

乾衣: 課程 R3300 含理論,封閉式水域與2支開放水域課程不含租裝備。租乾衣費用R450/天

Drysuit: Course R3300. For rent R450/day

濕衣: 7mm尺寸較少,有male s的尺寸,沒有female s的尺寸

Wet suit: 7mm for rent. Only size s for men not women. The size of small Asian women is not friendly.


5mm long + short suit, hoodie, boots and gloves can be rent


Gear up by yourself; clean up by the shop

不論是email或是facebook massage皆回覆很快且內容豐富詳細



Simon’s Town的潛店會離市中心太遠,所以選擇這家。開普敦夏天太陽下山晚

下午三四點潛水回來,還能再去市中心晃晃或爬Lion’s head

I chose this dive shop as it locates in the town so I can uber in.

After the dive, I can still hang around or hike Lion’s head.

Dive into the blue replies fast and efficiency. 



A request can be communicated.

2. 開普敦潛店 :Ollava 

位於Simon’s Town,適合水肺潛水行程少,只下一兩支,無自備裝備的人

Recommend for those who only do few dives during the trip and not having own equipment.

Located in Simon’s Town

套裝行程: (含裝備、船潛、導潛費用) 

Dive package: equipment, boat dive, dive guide fee included

Bronze 1 day R1900 2 dives

Silver 2 day R3250 4 dives

Gold 3 day R4700 6 dives

Gold 不一定能成團,要看人數。最多人的都是Bronze,會去看海豹

Bronze, Sea lions are the most popular option while Gold may depend on the participant number 

船潛R1200 / 岸潛R900

Boat dive R1200/ Shore dive R900

乾衣: 課程 R3000 / 乾衣租賃 無 (但可討論尺寸,他們會盡量想辦法提供)

Drysuit: course R3000/ no rent

濕衣: 其他男生之前去潛都是穿7mm的


No size for Asian women



Response fast with email. Though the package doesn’t fit my plan

People who had dive with them do recommend them a lot 

3. 開普敦潛店 :Aliwalshoal


Locate in Durban which is far away from Cape Town. Famous for a school of sharks

Durban 潛點 Dive sites: Aliwal Shoal、Protea banks


Offers accommodation. Package and information are detailed.

Email回覆速度快,且豐富,熱心幫忙解決問題。住宿跟服務都是超溫馨 (PTT版友imm)

Email replied with fast, plenty of information and happy to help.

Rated highly by my friend.


Information updated in 2017

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