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We are ocean lovers who try to record the beauty of our beloved ocean by words and photos. We believe that the ocean will become better through our actions.

BlueTrend 藍色脈動 團隊
Team of BlueTrend

BlueTrend is a We-media which has been established by the Oceanholic Company Limited since 2017. Our official website ( has become one of the most comprehensive informative marine websites among the Traditional Chinese community now. Our team has been concerned about marine conservation for a long time and has cooperated with many marine biologists, local diving shops, and ocean lovers through many activities, such as publishing two “Oceanpedia” with marine researchers. These books have become one of the most important guidebooks for learning marine biology in the Chinese region; we also made the diving spots hanging clothes and the marine microhabitats hand cards which can help the diving operators improve their marine conservation knowledge and attract the public interest. Moreover, we also established a YouTube channel which provides heaps of marine knowledge for the public. 

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The curation of BlueTrend is focusing on marine and conservation and has become an iconic We-media in the Traditional Chinese region. Without any funding, our media has achieved a great success of 1.5 million traffic so far. Our team has published various publications, including:

  • Oceanpedia- Northern Taiwan
  • Oceanpedia- Inshore Reef
  • Wang Haixiang Bay Diving Map
  • Liuqiu Diving Map
  • Dive into Taiwan: Islanders! Let’s get back to the ocean! How we fall in love with the ocean in 16 ways such as diving, photographing and beach cleanup etc.

Everybody is welcome to share your love of the ocean with us by words and spread it to everyone. 

Video Documentations 

Our team members include the director who has worked in the communication media for more than 20 years and directed the Golden Bell Awards before, the young drone photographer who has longing for freedom and ocean, the concurrent anchor with good oral expression skill, and heaps of ocean lovers who love to record the stories of ocean.  If you have any beautiful stories or nice products, let’s know! Let’s help you to make them become more touching and well-known. 

  • Marine Protected Area and Biodiversity Hotspot Filming Commission in 2023 (Ocean Conservation Administration)
  • Marine Protected Area and Ecological Survey Filming Commission in 2022 (Ocean Conservation Administration)
  • The fundamental ecological Survey in Wanghaixiang Chaojing Bay Resource Conservation Area and Training Program of Marine Citizen Scientists in 2022 (Keelung City Government) 
  • Marine Conservation Education Promotion Plan in 2022 (Keelung City Government)
  • Guanxin Algal Reefs Ecosystem Wildlife Refuge Environmental Resource Census and Management Plan in 2022 (Taoyuan City Government)
  • Video production team of Coral Conservation Promotion Plan  (Penghu County Government)
  • Video Filming of The Heart, View, and World of Marine Conservation Area in 2021 (Ocean Conservation Administration)
  • “Image Bay” Chaojing Underwater photography Competition in 2021 (National Museum of Marine Science and Technology)
  • “The Ripple of Gaillardia Island” Underwater Photography Competition in 2021 (Marine Live Propagation Station, Penghu County)

Marine Citizen Scientist Sea Life Database

Our team has started to establish the “Marine Citizen Scientist Sea Life Database” since 2021. We collect over 4000 valuable marine creature photos and cooperate with many marine biology experts for creating this sea life database which includes over 2500 common species.  We hope this database will become one of the important marine creature databases in the Pan-Pacific Area.  

In future, we plan to translate the database in different languages, include AI identification, establish the feedback mechanism…etc. We hope that we can keep working on this marine live database through civic engagement.


  • Marine Citizen Scientist Sea Live Database Constructing Platform (Patent Identification: 111210082)
  • Instant Underwater AI Identification Technology and Integration of Marine Research Platform (Patent pending)

Achievements and Awards

  • Social Innovation Certified company in 2023 (Department of Commerce, MOEA)
  • Project Director of “Taiwan Water Activities and Equipment Reservation Platform” in 2022 (Department of Commerce, MOEA)
  • Shortlisted Award of “8th Trending Taiwan Short Film Competition” in 2022 (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
  • Shortlisted Award of “Stories of Taiwanese Expats Living Abroad” Film Contest in 2022 (Overseas Community Affairs Council)
  • Funding support from “Genius for home” Digital Society Innovative Competition in 2022 (MediaTek Inc.)
  • Special Prize of “Genius for home” Digital Society Innovative Competition in 2021 (MediaTek Inc.)
  • Honorable Mention Award of “Ocean Hackathon” in 2020 (National Academy of Marine Research)
  • Seed Funding of “General Community Development Action” (Sinyi Realty Inc.)
  • First Prize of “Capture the Ocean” Shot Film Competition in 2020 (National Museum of Marine Science and Technology)
  • First Prize of “Underwater documentary Selection” in 2019 (Keelung Chaojing Bay Festival)
  • Second Prize of “Capture the Ocean” Shot Film Competition in 2019 (National Museum of Marine Science and Technology)
  • Second Prize of “Creative Award of FinTech Creative Video Challenge” in 2019 (Standard Chartered) 

Media Reports

  • Online Exclusive Interview by Fishery Radio Station in 2022
  • Live Interview in “Step by Step, Discover the new Taiwan” by TVBS in 2021
  • Exclusive Interview by Rhythms TV in Feb 2021
  • Rhythms Excerpts in Rhythms Monthly in Feb 2021
  • Exclusive Interview by The Merit Times
  • Exclusive Interview by TVBS TV Show “Step by Step, Discover the new Taiwan”-The change of ocean and us in 2019
  • Exclusive Interview by The Agriculture Media in 2019 “First Prize of Underwater Documentary in Chaojing; Recording the Beauty and Worry of Marine Protected Area”
  • Exclusive Interview by Home Run Taiwan in 2017
  • The Society of Wilderness in 2017 “Ordinary person can also launch the marine conservation”
  • Liberty Times in 2107 “Underwater mapping by the diving volunteers and see the beauty of ecology in Chaojing, Keelung” 

Marine Talks


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Founder Spark
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Video Director  Kano
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Co-coordinator Jason
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Operational Manager
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Project Specialist Jenny
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Video Planner Hsu
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Visual coordinator Neko
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Marine biometrics specialist WOX
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Secret workmate

There is also a group of partners who silently support us!

海洋 因我潛水而改變
There is also a group of partners who silently support us!

We want to accomplish more possibility

In the near future, we want to systematically set up a Taiwan exclusive marine creature database based on the existing information.

Any photo uploaded to our database will be used to train the AI by machine learning. These photos will become the foundation for marine research in the future. 

Our dream is big, and we need more people to join us. 

Welcome to join usMarine Citizen Scientist Sea Life Database

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